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Job Description:

Focus on small molecule separation and solid state techniques

You will immediately take an active, operational role in supporting a variety of internal customers ranging from Research to Global Supply. Here you will get to use your skills within advanced analytical chemistry to their full extent. In detail you will be expected to:

  • Be an integral part of our dedicated team performing both core drug development activities as well as investigative analyses (as part of trouble shooting support to other departments).
  • Provide skills (including hands-on experience) within various hyphenated separation techniques (primarily LC and GC coupled with UV and MS). To identify and characterise synthesis impurities and degradation products in active substances, excipients and drug products.
  • Provide skills within the field of solid state characterization. I.e. having experience with one or several of the following techniques: X-ray techniques (XRPD, SXRD and XRF), Thermal analysis (DSC and TGA), Optical spectroscopy (UV-vis, IR and Raman) and Microscopic methods.
  • Manage external partners with regard to CRO evaluation, work package description, and tech transfer – as outsourcing is key when special capabilities are needed or in-house resources are limited and timelines are short.
  • Be capable in running experiments, performing troubleshooting and managing simple equipment maintenance of the instruments in the laboratory – by yourself.
  • Write analytical documentation addressed to the health authorities, within this field.
  • Play an active role in the strengthening of the team within statistics and chemometrics – with the aim of supporting AQbD and setting up models in areas such as polymorphic purity, imaging – and quantitative methods in general.

More Information

  • Country DK - Denmark
  • Job Location Ballerup
  • Minimum Qualification Bachelor's
  • Job Category Other
  • Job Shift Day Shift
  • Gender Requirement Male
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