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Job Description:

Job description

Responsible for:

In general:

In close cooperation with PM, WM everything that is required to perform his tasks properly

Organizing and supervising the execution of the dredging works for which he is responsible according to the preset planning, budgeting and the applied methods, also observing the standards as to quality, safety and environmental care and with as little risk as possible to persons and equipment.


Is responsible for the execution of the dredging works. He organizes the work, so that the work is carried out to the required standards of safety and quality with a minimum of risk to persons and equipment.

Is responsible for the most cost-effective method of execution and monitors daily the actualversus estimated output.

Supervises the SDM on all operational planning and execution of dredging works and seeks together with SDM, Technical Superintendent and Production Department for the most productive way of dredging, i.e. the right choice of cutter, suction heads, impellers, number of pumps, choice of dredging cycle, etc.

Reporting of defects to vessels or their auxiliary equipment to the Technical Department, the Project Manager and the Head office

Daily reporting to and consultation with the Project-Works -Manager, the Project Team on the operational activities, more in particular on the progress of the works for which he is responsible.

Reporting of accidents or particular events

Responsible for the safety and health ofthe employees and Subcontractors, including the

environmental performance

Execution of the work in accordance with the local environmental prescriptions and regulations

Making honest and valued evaluation of the SDM/Crew/ Sandfield master/ barge master

Superintendent Dredging Responsibilities and accountabilities towards HSE

All staff with management responsibilities shall demonstrate their commitment to the continual improvement of the HSE performance.


Supervising the execution of the dredging works for which he is responsible according to the preset

planning, budgeting and the applied methods, also observing the standards as to quality, safety and

environmental care and with as little risk as possible to persons and equipment.

Accountabilities towards HSE

The SD will coordinate his designated activities, and takes HSE very important to successfully complete all

project activities.

The Superintendent implements the policy by:

Setting an example for his colleagues by his own behavior and approach regarding HSE matters

Ensuring that the OHSMS [Occupational Health and Safety Management System] is effective

Asking the HSE Management for advice;

Ensuring that risks and impacts are properly communicated to all supervisors and workers, and that work is carried out safely on a daily basis;

Verifying whether the different tasks are performed by qualified and competent personnel;

Making sure that the project activities comply with HSE regulations and requirements;

Carrying out inspections, reporting of nonconformities and ensuring that these are followed up;

Ensuring that all employees understand the HSE regulations;

Ensuring that accidents, near-misses and hazardous situations are reported and corrective actions are implemented on site;

Proposing measures to prevent risks for personnel.

Responsibilities towards emergency response are defined in the Emergency Response Plan.



Follow the daily, weekly Operational planning

Plan upcoming activities (weekly) with WM & SDM


Actively involved in the Mobilization/Demobilization

Execution daily activities


The dredging methods based giving contract and design requirements and daily feedback from the dredging data/production/survey results


Daily reporting items towards Project Management.

Ensure that the ship and all auxiliary equipment under his supervision is checked, that it is in good condition, and that defects are reported,

Check that all hired plant equipment is safe and where appropriate periodic tests and inspections reports are available,

Ensure that work under his control is carried out safely and without risk to health,

Establish chapters of the final report of the Project-operations pertaining to performance production, soil data and other price influencing elements


The Progress ofthe Works, own works and subcontractor’s work

Takes control of the dredging process on daily base, checks productions and determines how to improve the productions in accordance with site constraints

The daily activities of the site

Performance of labor (number and rates)

Specific tasks concerning HSE:

To carry out HSE – Inspections

Organizing toolbox – meetings or delegating them to superintendents and foreman / supervisors

Commitment of SO towards the Occupational Health and Safety Management System:

Demonstrating leadership and accountability towards safety by actively taking part in HSE meetings (e.g. inspections and audits; Incident Investigations; development of Safe Work Practices; Job Hazard Analysis; Risk & Impact Assessments).

Demonstrate his commitment towards continual improvement of the EMS and OHSMS performance and towards prevention of pollution.

Commitment of SD towards the Quality Management System:

The SD shall be committed to the implementation ofthe QMS and continually improving its effectiveness by:

Communicating within the project organization the importance of meeting CLIENT Requirements as well as stuatory and regulatory Requirements.

Take part in the review of the QMS to ensure its continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness.

This review, which includes assessing opportunities for improvement and the need for changes to the QMS, Policy

Educational Qualifications & Certifications:

• Master or Civil Engineer in Construction, Mechanical, Marine Engineering

• An online Engineering Degree is not valid


• In depth understanding of dredging processes/use of

dredging equipment! land reclamation/ pipelines, cutter

types, pick points etc.

• Ability to transform raw data ( CSV-files, loggings) into

readable format and ability to interpret this format and

come to relevant conclusion based on the converted raw


• Implement dredging methodologies


• AnalytiC capability

• Leadership capabilities

• Ability interact with crew, SDM

• Ability to take responsibility and suggest decision based on

the knows and unknowns

• Ability to link survey-results ( calculation, heights, bench

marks, charts, tolerances, etc.) to contractual implications

• Ability to work autonomous

• Having a problem solving mind and able to spread this

attitude amongst his project team

IT Skills:

Advanced skills in Excel, Projects

Skilled in Autocad or equal program

Oracle platform understanding is an advantage


Year of experience :2 to 3 years on dredging projects in relevant role

More Information

  • Country AE - United Arab Emirates
  • Job Location Abu Dhabi
  • Minimum Qualification Bachelor's
  • Job Category Other
  • Job Shift Day Shift
  • Gender Requirement Male
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