About Us

Moqaam.com has pulled together many years of experience to create its online job portal with the sole aim of providing job seekers with the opportunity to find the perfect job, and for employers to find the perfect employee for the job. The world’s best professionals can connect with the world’s best employers for more productivity and greater success in their defined industry.

Moqaam’s revolutionised services are tailored to promote optimum economic prospects for its members by enabling millions of jobseekers to meet with millions of companies to birth innovation for the companies and find best job opportunities for jobseekers. At its job portal, passionate and ambitious job seekers meet reputable companies to produce excellent workforce in the economic sector.

As a new and innovative company, our mission is to create a network of trusted relationships amongst job seekers and reputable companies. At the very core of our foundation is the need for innovative ways to do the same thing in a different and unique way.  To us, it has never been about the years of existence, but the quality of premium services provided to jobseeker and employer.

Now students, job seekers, interns and professionals alike all have a place to converge and identify, innovate and create best employee’s profiles and employment opportunities.